Abortion Bans During a Crisis is an Attack Against Women

Capitalists are inherently opportunists and will stop at no lengths to use any crisis plaguing the working class to further exploit people. This past Monday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton used fears of coronavirus to support Governor Greg Abbot’s mandate to ban abortion, stating "no one is exempt from the governor's executive order on medically… Continue reading Abortion Bans During a Crisis is an Attack Against Women

Militant Women Disrupt DSA Austin Revisionist Night School

A Call to Kick Out Organizations Against Working Women from East Austin! Members of PWM-MFP successfully disrupted a revisionist study group on “socialist feminism” led by the Austin branch of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) last week. Not only was the DSA event weeks late in celebrating what they call International Women's Day, they left… Continue reading Militant Women Disrupt DSA Austin Revisionist Night School

International Working Women’s Day

Austin’s first militant International Working Women’s Day march, organized by Popular Women’s Movement, overcame police impediment and fascist harassment by the Texas Nomads SAR, a white nationalist organization that is anti-woman and anti-immigrant.

A Change in the Sky

Report from cultural action and political intervention at City Hall on February 1st 2019 The liberal group ATX Resistance Action was due to host a protest they called “No Benefit for Rapists” on Thursday, January 31. The protest was meant to respond to the recent decision by the city to continue to pay the former… Continue reading A Change in the Sky

The Ultimate Class Enemy

Regarding the case of violent, sexist cop Dusterhoft Jason Duane Dusterhoft is the quintessential abusive, misogynist, coke-snorting cop. He started working for APD back in 1995 and eventually became head pig of the southeast Region 4 district. From the beginning, Dusterhoft was a walking embodiment of arrogance and corruption, characteristics that guarantee a promising career… Continue reading The Ultimate Class Enemy